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Undersized & Oversized VM’s – Demystified

Undersized VMs

Definition: – You have allocated certain amount of virtual hardware resources to a virtual machine and the resources are not sufficient for the VM.

Impact: This would manifest in performance issues such a high latency/slow responses/sluggish behaviour/freeze/hang.

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Security Hardening in vSphere


Security Hardening has multiple facets

  • Understanding how an ESXi hypervisor is hardened right out of the box
  • Features that may be enabled/disabled for additional security
  • Granular hardening by means of Operational hardening, parameter setting & configuration modifications

Outlined here is a customer facing presentation that I delivered at vForum at Sydney Australia.

Security Hardening in vSphere


ESXTOP – CSTP explained


Typically administrators have a perception that inorder to increase performance of a workload , the VM’s virtual hardware capacity needs to be increased, perhaps by providing more RAM /CPU.

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