What is TOGAF & Do I really need it ?

As technicians, we seldom look at the larger picture. The larger picture is understanding that IT is for Business and not the other way around.
Each organization has a mission & objective i.e. the purpose to exist beyond commercial gains(so to say :-)) .

As masters of a technical domain, we strive to stay up-to-date with  the latest changes & developments in technologies.
What gets us to the next level is,
  • Understanding the reason for change
  • The cause for an innovation
  • How can it enable the business to perform better.
This in-turn helps us align with the “purpose” of the business
TOGAF provides you the right level of insight into the business landscape and how IT fits into the holistic scheme of things.
This was given shape by an open group that created a robust framework/methodology to build an Enterprise Architecture in the form standards & proven best practices.
The uniqueness lies in ensuring that the framework is vendor neutral.
Enterprise Architecture in this context is ‘‘The fundamental organization of a system, embodied in its components, their relationships to each other and the environment, and the principles governing its design and evolution”
The key concepts to build a successful Enterprise Architecture or optimize an existing EA(Business Transformation) are defined in a phased model and the heart of this model is the Architecture Development Method (ADM)
ADM spans over 8 phases( A-H) through an iterative cycle to ensure that business is aligned with the mission of the organization and help layout a transformational plan. Furthermore it introduces one to various tools/practices that have already been used by business that faced similar challenges.
I would personally recommend the course to anyone with over 7~8 years of IT experience to take up a TOGAF course, to help obtain a business sense to their day-to-day activities
Going through the course did a world of good to me, many things unfolded, many business decisions that seemed rather silly made sense. And there was light !!!
Enlightenment !!!

Additional Details :

The exam can be taken directly or you can sit through an Instructor Lead course(recommended) that spans over 5 fruitful days.
I attended the course through one of the founding members of AOGEA (Association of Open Group Enterprise Architects) – SNA Technologies http://www.snatinc.com/
Look up http://www.opengroup.org/  for more insights

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