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Repeated Outlook Crash – Office 365 ProPlus Version 1706-Build 8229.2073

Annoyed with the Outook crash on Windows 10 Insider Build !!!

Guess that’s what we can expect with preview software builds, nonetheless until Microsoft figures out the solution for the crash, be sure to lower the threshold of “automatic saving of drafts”


1- Browse to the following setting,

File => Options => Mail => Enable “Automatically save items that have not been saved after this many minutes and set to “1”

2- Set it to 1(default 3)

3- Next time it crashes when you’re in the middle of an e-mail, go straight to your drafts folder and continue

This would just mitigate the data loss to the entries between the last saved checkpoint and the crash.

With bated breathe for a fix … !!!

All paths down to Bootbank – USB/SD Card

Objective: Impact Assessment of Loss of connectivity / All paths down(APD) to USB/SD card boot device


Overview of ESXi boot process :

  • ESXi hypervisor can be embedded or installed on USB storage or SD card taking advantage of the thin footprint of its installation size.

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